Leviathan's Cove Mentorship was designed for those who are ready to rise into action, shed old paradiagms and welcome their next level self with confidence, power and speaking their truth.

This school will teach you how to become more clear and consistent in your daily life, your career or business and within your soul.

Most likely whatever you were taught is unaligned with your true life purpose. Let's get that much closer to rewilding and renewing who we are together and help Mama Earth truly rise again.

Welcome to Leviathan's Cove Mentorship, where you embrace your body, elevate your mind and enrich your soul.

Hey there, my name is Ashley.

I am a Taurus sun, Pisces moon and Aries Rising. I'm absolutely obsessed with research, learning and books. I am known to be bold, speak my truth and wear my heart on my sleeve.

I created the self-study program Rewilding: The Healing Of The Inner Child because it was once something recently that I need to work on, healing my inner child. I am a huge believer in taking your own medicine and healing from your traumas and triggers, so that you may become your next level self. I also believe that healing is your own responsility and worked on when you feel ready.

I am here to support you in your own unlearning + learning new support management for your lifestyle. I am known as an Energy Mentor, which is a fancy word for saying that I work with all different levels of energy including other people's during intuitive psychic readings, universal energies to help release chakra and aura blocks and even plant energies. You can also find me working closely with plant allies and handcrafting alternative and holestic plant medicines. I absoloutely adore getting into mother nature and calling others back to their roots through plant medicine products.

When you're ready to deep inner work, I'm your girl. I don't just believe in light work. If you're only allowing your self "love and light", you're going to live your life wondering why your cup only feels half full, no matter how many good vibes you put into the universe.

When you allow yourself to do dig a little deeper and expose your shadow self, you are able to see both sides of the coin. You create inner balance and level the fuck up on your self awareness train. Shadow work exposes you to traumas and triggers, like you will be learning about yourself in the self study Rewilding: The Healing Of The Inner Child, but in doing so, you prompt your subconscious mind to start a true, out of this realm healing.

I promise you, if you're willing to do the work, I will be your biggest cheerleader. There was a time in this world, up until recently, I felt like I was the only cheerleader for myself. Don't fall victim.

Looking forward to deep diving radical changes with you.

Until we meet again..

love, light and dark,

Ashley Jones; Energy Mentor + Plant Medicine Practicioner

To learn more about Ashley's work visit www.leviathanscove.com

or direct email at [email protected]